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Shenkman Hospitality Group was formed by entrepreneurial partners Paul and Julie Shenkman, and Executive Chef/Partner Lewis Rossman to pursue their passion and dedication to great food. Known for farm-fresh cuisine, warm hospitality, and operational excellence, this team creates and manages highly successful businesses. They have brought together top culinary leaders who are passionate about excellence in all aspects of the guest experience.

Key Philosophies

People First

"Our success begins with our people – they are our greatest asset. We believe in treating our employees well, which in return serves our guests better, and helps our businesses grow stronger. Whenever possible we enable our employees to participate in our financial success. As a result, we have many excellent employees that have been with us for many years." Paul Shenkman

Campo SaladFresh, Seasonal Ingredients

Using the best seasonal ingredients, the restaurants create the elements of a dish in-house from scratch when possible and practical, for the highest quality. The farm-to-table philosophy encourages the support of local farmers, artisans and purveyors, which also increases the freshness and quality of the cuisine. "This approach protects the nutritional value of the food as it doesn't have to travel long distances, uses fewer resources, is kinder to our environment, and creates a better dish."

Exceptional Customer Experience

The team considers three aspects to provide a great guest experience: food, service and ambiance. "Our goal is to serve food that is exceptional and memorable in an inviting environment. We connect with our customers as often as possible at our restaurants both in person, and across the social network, to listen to what they think and learn about their experiences so that we can continually improve."

Adirondacks with an ocean view at Sam's Chowder HouseOperational Excellence

The diverse experience and leadership qualities of each partner enable them to provide operational expertise, HR assistance, marketing resources, accounting and management tools, recruiting help, and staffing assistance as needed. "To take great care of our people and our customers, we must remain a strong, viable business – we are a resource for our team members in any way necessary."

Local and Sustainable Commitment

Committed to the health of the environment, the restaurants participate in eco-friendly measures, from sourcing locally when possible and making sustainable choices, to using compostable, biodegradable and recyclable packaging. Rooftop solar panels are used for energy, and the oil used in fryers is recycled.

Invest in Marketing

"Marketing is really all about educating. If you have a great product, you have to tell your customers about it." To keep guests informed, the team invests in marketing, from PR to advertising, social media, email, in-restaurant marketing support, and more.